Underwater Massage in Marbella

Non-Invasive Treatment

Can you imagine being able to enjoy the fantastic feeling of being underwater in a hot tub coupled with the feeling of receiving a massage? At Estética Ochoa, located on the seafront of Marbella, we offer just that: the best underwater massage to relax your body and your mind.

The underwater massages we offer are much more than just a massage, in addition to getting the effects of a classic massage, such as muscle relaxation, it is a fantastic complement to improve circulation, reduce cellulite and help with weight loss, among other benefits that we will tell you about later.

What is an underwater massage?

Underwater massage is a personalised, relaxing and therapeutic treatment, in which the temperature and pressure of the water will be adapted to your needs, objectives and personal tolerance by our team of medical experts and therapists. It is a treatment that combines the best of a thermal bath and a drainage massage.

As the name suggests, it consists of a massage using underwater pressure jets inside a bathtub specially prepared for treatment with mineral water, where the temperature ranges between 31 degrees and 34 degrees.

The first step will be to submerge completely into the bathtub. The therapist will then manually direct the pressure water jet to the areas to be treated, changing the strength, temperature and distance as they deem necessary, always taking into account your comfort. It first starts in a face-up position to focus on feet, legs, abdomen and arms. Afterwards, you move to a face-down position by treating feet and legs again, moving onto the buttocks and lower back. Treatment concludes with a massage of the dorsal area and neck.


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    Benefits of underwater massage

    These types of massages in particular have numerous benefits and more so when they are performed by experts as in our clinic in Marbella. The main benefits of underwater massage are:

    -It is highly relaxing and highly recommended against anxiety and stress.
    -Helps with muscle relaxation.
    -Improves blood circulation.
    -Activates lymphatic circulation by helping to improve our immune system and eliminating toxins.
    -High drainage power.
    -Helps with volume and weight loss.
    -Improves cellulite and firms the skin, shaping the figure.
    -Reduces and soothes joint pains.
    -It is suitable to treat certain muscle injuries.
    -Improves the feeling of tired legs.

    Masaje Subacuático Marbella

    In addition, whatever your goal, we will be able to help increase the benefits by using mineral salts, flowers and medicinal plants, essential oils or algae that add water and help with the drainage effect, relaxation and effectiveness of treatment.

    It is the perfect complement to any treatment we are performing because it is compatible with almost all of them such as our manual lymphatic drainage. It is also perfect when we are looking to get rid of those stubborn extra kilos, accompanied by a good diet and physical exercise. Consult our specialists to create the best personalised plan for you and your needs.

    Immerse yourself in a super relaxing environment and enjoy while we take care of your mind and body with the peace of mind of being in the hands of the best professionals and underwater massage experts of Marbella in Clínica Estética Ochoa.