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Rejuvenate your face, hold your head high, correct imperfections, eliminate dark circles under the eyes, etc. At Ochoa Clinic we know how important it is to show off an attractive, youthful appearance, which is why we offer a non-surgical face filler and facelift treatment with Calcium Hydroxyapatite to help you achieve excellent results and enjoy a rejuvenated face.

With the help of our team of doctors and professionals, you will recover your face’s youthfulness and vitality with this minimally invasive treatment.

What does the Calcium Hydroxyapatite Facelift involve?

Technically speaking, Calcium Hydroxylapatite is a mineral gel with calcium phosphate components, a biocompatible and reabsorbable product with a long-lasting effect. It is also non-allergenic, and so all these characteristics mean you can obtain very satisfactory results after just one session.

At Estética Ochoa we offer a non-surgical facelift treatment with Calcium Hydroxyapatite. It’s a non-invasive treatment that is carried out using a product that does not harm the skin and which produces excellent results, so that your face looks smooth, young and revitalised. As soon as the gel is injected, it begins to settle and also to stimulate collagen, which will take about six months to fully form.

The Calcium Hydroxyapatite facelift is used to fill wrinkles and skin depressions, thus correcting scars and volume defects. Regarding the areas where we usually apply the treatment, we focus on the following:

  • The chin
  • Perioral wrinkles,
  • Blemishes on the nose,
  • Areas lacking in volume,
  • Nasolabial folds,
  • Areas with depressions caused by scars.

In addition to this, the treatment’s biocompatibility is because of the fact that the calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres are absorbed in the same way as bone particles after a fracture, so the results obtained are excellent.

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    Treatment with calcium hydroxyapatite

    At our aesthetic clinic in Marbella we carry out an initial analysis of the skin, the face, and the area where the gel is to be injected, making sure that the result will be as flattering as possible for each of our clients. As the product is biocompatible and reabsorbable, the results look natural and will be incorporated perfectly into the skin.

    Once the treatment area has been selected, the Calcium Hydroxyapatite is injected in the form of spheres suspended in a glycerine solution, allowing it to be deposited in the form of threads on moderately deep planes.

    It’s a subcutaneous injection, so the gel isn’t just a filler or a superficial correction; it penetrates the epidermis and adapts and settles inside it.

    Thus, Calcium Hydroxyapatite helps to correct furrows and skin depressions in the short term, and also helps to improve the quality of the skin in the medium term, meaning you can enjoy a rejuvenated and youthful-looking face.

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    Benefits of a Facial Filler treatment in Marbella

    Our calcium hydroxyapatite treatment is an ideal option to avoid surgery and achieve excellent results. You will enjoy a more youthful, radiant appearance by applying a facial filler gel. The treatment is minimally invasive and fast-acting, achieving remarkable results very quickly.

    One advantage of this treatment is that the gel is made up of biocompatible, reabsorbable and non-allergenic materials. The treatment uses natural compounds that do not damage the skin, resulting in a natural-looking, clean appearance.

    Another advantage is the fact that the treatment is very quick: the patient can return home after the application, because we only use a topical anaesthetic on the treatment area, where we apply the injection.

    We are committed to offering you top-quality service, using the best products on the market, in order to achieve the desired results. Improving the appearance of your face is possible at Estética Ochoa Marbella: we’ll look after your well-being and aesthetic health


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    At Estética Ochoa, we are a clinic in Marbella specialised in achieving natural-looking results.

    Restore your face’s youthful appearance with a non-surgical Calcium Hydroxyapatite facelift!

    Let our team of professionals look after you, and enjoy a rejuvenated face.

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