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Facial Lifting in Marbella

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Lifting in Marbella is an intervention aimed at mitigating the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun, pollution and loss of elasticity noticeable in our faces as years go by.

It aims at getting rid of the first wrinkles, of nasolabial folds, as well as sagging cheeks. A face lift is the most infallible aesthetic tool to stop the advance of these unambiguous signs of ageing and to improve these signs.

Application Method



24 hours

Recovery Time

3-4 Weeks approx.

Duration of Intervention

2-3 hours


General Anaesthesia or Sedation

Facial Lifting Marbella

Let yourself be advised by our face lift specialists in Marbella. They will inform you about the treatment procedure and resolve all doubts that may arise from it.

If your face needs a lifting, you will be in the best hands in our clinic. Come visit us without commitment, the first visit is free (depending on the doctor you make an appointment with).

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    Face Lifting Application in Marbella

    A lifting is a surgical treatment that allows you to remove excess skin on the face and neck and also tense your muscles, thereby eliminating signs of flaccidity, as well as improving tone and brightness.

    Hospitalization Days

    It necessary 24 hours.

    Recovery Days

    From three to four weeks approximately.

    Duration of Intervention

    Three hours maximum.

    Type of Anesthaesia

    General Anaesthesia or Local Anaesthesia and Sedation.

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    Personalized Advice on Liftings in Marbella
    A younger and firmer face

    Hospital Ochoa Lifting specialists in Marbella will advise you in everything you need. If you are considering the possibility of undergoing any of our facelifts or if you are not satisfied with your current appearance, please contact our expert surgeons. They will advise you on the most suitable facelift for you and on the results you can expect depending on the type of skin and the personal factors of each person.

    In Marbella, a lifting in the hands of a Hospital Ochoa specialist can make you look younger.

    Cases in which a Facelift is Recommended

    There are several types of Lifting surgery in Marbella, depending on the needs of the person, the assessment of our specialists and the facial areas to be treated, one or the other will be recommended.

    • Facial Lifting

      Recommended for people with flaccidity of the facial oval, with folds or deep wrinkles between the nose or mouth or with accumulation of wrinkles and fat in the cervical area. Very noticeable results.

    • Eyebrow Tail Lifting

      Elevation of the upper front part of the face to rejuvenate facial expression or solve a problem of droopy eyelids. Effective and lasting facial rejuvenation, refreshes and gives a flatter and more youthful look.

      It solves the aesthetic problems of flaccidity or lack of elasticity in the skin from the cheek to the upper part of the face, including the “crow’s feet”.

    • Full Lifting

      Complete treatment on face and neck. Those men or women whose face have begun to “sag” are perfect candidates for this surgery.

    • Frontal or Temporary Lifting

      Surgery aimed at those, men or women, who wish to improve the upper third of the face, usually wrinkles of the forehead and the fall of eyebrows.

    Facelift Marbella
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