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The treatment to eliminate dark circles in Marbella, has become one of the most demanded by our clients. Dark circles are the result of dilation of blood vessels in the area, resulting in a darker colour under the eyes.

They can be caused by a number of factors, from sleep disorders, physical illnesses or periods of stress, to hereditary factors.

From Estética Ochoa we tell you how to remove dark circles once and for all.

What are the causes of dark circles?

ften, after a night of poor sleep, we can see darkening under the eyes, known as dark circles or even inflammation, popularly known as bags.

The diameter of the skin under the eyes is thinner than anywhere else on the body.

While one of the most common causes of dark circles or bags under the eyes is a bad night’s sleep, they can be caused by a variety of circumstances:

Psychological factors

Stress, anxiety, difficulty sleeping or even depression. Psychological circumstances can affect us, and illnesses can end up being somatized.
Good circulation through playing sport, avoiding sedentary lifestyles, will help us avoid dark circles and optimise our health.

Hereditary factors

In some people dark circles are the result of genetic inheritance. Although in all cases aesthetic treatments provide great results, those suffering from dark circles and bags from hereditary factors will be the ones who will benefit most from a medical-aesthetic procedure.

Physical factors

Illnesses such as hypothyroidism can produce dark circles in a small percentage of people who suffer from it.
In addition, a high-salt, low-water diet will also have an impact on the appearance of dark circles and especially bags.

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    Treatments for dark circles

    Dark circles are one of the most visible types of imperfections on the face.

    They affect men and women alike, regardless of age, and give the feeling of a tired and sad expression. You can find different aesthetic treatments to recover the luminosity of the face. The colour and shape it has will help us find the best remedy to remove dark circles.


    Purple dark circles

    Purple dark circles are the result of congestion in circulation. One of the best procedures for this type of dark circle is the micropuncture with Melilot, which improves the vascularity of the area.

    Brown dark circles

    Brown dark circles are produced by an excess of melanin in the skin and it will be through chemical peeling with which we will remove the hyperpigmented layer. It is not recommended for all skin types, so a prior assessment is essential.

    Dark circles with bags

    Dark circles with bags arise from fluid retention, known as edema. They are mainly the fruits of age; however, they are also the result of lack of sleep, inadequate diet and genetic factors.

    Remove dark circles….

    once and for all

    Remove dark circles with hyaluronic acid and melilot

    The use of hyaluronic acid in aesthetics is one of the most versatile methods for treating any type of dark circle. Mesotherapy with Melilot is also recommended in some cases.

    Hyaluronic acid is a component naturally present in the body.

    Due to aging, the presence of hyaluronic acid decreases in the body and, therefore, the skin, among other organs, loses the hydration, elasticity and tone typical of youth.

    This treatment involves filling with hyaluronic acid specific for this area, due to the thinness of the skin and is used to fill the sinking that is usually found in the contour of the eye.

    Furthermore, it also promotes the production of its own collagen, which is of great help in densifying the skin of that specific area and covers the blood vessels, tinting the colour of the dark circles.

    Melilot is a medicinal plant containing melilotomide, a cynamic acid glycose that generates coumarin which has the property of improving circulation therefore improving the vascularity of the area.


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    Treatment to eliminate dark circles in Marbella with hyaluronic acid and melilot.

    Through hyaluronic acid filling you will be able to regain the firmness of the skin and lost hydration.

    You can get rid of those unsightly dark circles in Marbella by getting a treatment with hyaluronic acid or melilot.

    These methods are non-invasive, virtually painless, and have a quick application, as a session lasts approximately 20 minutes and the effects last around 8 months.

    Hyaluronic acid treatment is a remedy we use to remove dark circles. Although it is a treatment applicable to anyone, we have professionals who will assess your case and give you the most appropriate suggestions for you.

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