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Deep Facial Cleansing Marbella

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At Estética Ochoa we offer you a full Facial Treatment in Marbella for a natural clear skin.

You can choose between different treatments with a tensing, nutritive or moisturising goal. Let yourself be taken care of by our staff specialized in facial beauty. In Estética Ochoa we offer the right products for each type of skin, depending on its characteristics and needs.

Method of Application

Face Cleansing

Length of Session

1 hour approx.

Price of Treatment

€ 60

Treatment + Diamond Tip

€ 70

Facial Treatment Marbella

Our specialists in deep skin cleansing in Marbella will advise you on the appropriate facial treatment for you and your face. Each skin is unique, and needs specific care that gives its vitality, luminosity and naturalness.

And of course, among all the possible facial treatments to perform is the Facial Peeling with Diamond Tip. A treatment that helps eliminate acne, blackheads and pimples without scarring and giving the skin great luminosity and softness.

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    How Long does the Treatment last and what does it Consist of?

    Facial Treatment

    The facial treatment lasts 1 hour and consists of a deep cleansing of the skin, a mask (specific to each type of skin) is applied, completing it with a relaxing massage on the face and neck. Localised drainage is also performed that will help eliminate toxins and improve blood circulation.

    Maintaining the hygiene of the face is very important to take care of the appearance of the skin. Therefore, it is important to undergo a deep skin cleanse to avoid the accumulation of residue and the appearance of black spots, imperfections and skin patches.

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    radiant skin

    Healthy Skin with Glowing Appearance
    Fight Skin Impurities

    This facial treatment is highly recommended for all skin types and for any age. A clean skin, free of imperfections is essential to achieve a healthy and perfect looking skin. It is a treatment that we recommend to carry out at least with each change of season since these are the times of the year when the skin is more vulnerable to damage due to temperature changes.

    Importance of the Treatment

    We have always heard that the skin has memory and how important it is to start with treatments that help us taking care of hydration and of facial appearance. Facial cleansing is among these treatments. Even if you follow a daily hydration routine and remove any make-up with cleansing milk or micellar water, little by little residue accumulates on your skin that should be eliminated by professionals.

    For it, at Estética Ochoa we have specialists in facial treatments in Marbella that will perform the deep cleansing of the skin on your face using the most innovative techniques, methods and equipment. If you have any doubt about this treatment, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you with whatever you need.

    Deep Facial Cleansing Marbella
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