Pressotherapy Marbella

Effective in the fight Against Cellulite

Marbella Pressotherapy Body Treatment

Improves Blood Circulation

The body treatment of Pressotherapy Marbella is used, in most cases, to reduce or eliminate cellulite. It consists of applying pressure on the extremities of the body that helps the lymphatic and venous system function. The treatment increases circulation and is indicated for patients with venous insufficiency or who suffer from cellulitis, varicose veins and fluid retention, among others.

Method of Application

Device to Apply Pressure

Duration of Sessions

30 min. approx.

Repeat Sessions

6 – 8 Weeks approx.

Treatment Price

€ 25
10 sessions: € 180

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How is Pressotherapy Applied?

Relieves Pain and Improves Circulation

It is applied with a device that has separate chambers, which are placed around the limbs and to which air is insufflated causing a slight pressure, which reduces swelling, inflammation and oedema, relieves fatigue of the legs and improves the flow of oxygen throughout the body.

How long is the Session?
Immediate Effects

Each pressotherapy session usually lasts about 30 minutes. It is recommended to be repeated every week for six or eight weeks.

When is it recommended?

To reduce Legs Fatigue

The benefits of Pressotherapy are many but we can highlight the following problems:

  • Cellulite Treatment

  • Alternative to Liposuction

  • Profile and Remodel the Body

  • Redefine Legs, Abdomen and Arms

Decreases Fluid …


Say goodbye to Tired Legs
Immediate Effects

Pressotherapy is a treatment requiring the use of a specific suit and boots that help to exert pressure to relax the desired area through sequences of air jets. In this way, circulation is improved by reactivating the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Usually it’s applied on legs, abdomen or waist.

In which cases is Pressotherapy Recommended?

Estetica Ochoa recommends Pressotherapy in Marbella to relieve pain and reduce the feeling of tired legs caused mainly to fight fluid retention.

It is also a treatment that complements others in cases of cellulite removal or localised fat.

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