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Intimate surgery in Marbella is carried out in the facilities of Hospital Ochoa aims at embellishing, rejuvenating or improving the functionality of the intimate area of men or women. This procedures of intimate surgery are more frequent in women.

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45 minutes


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Intimate Cosmetic Surgery Marbella

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    What type of Intimate Aesthetic Surgery is more frequent?
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    In Hospital Ochoa Marbella, the most frequent intimate surgery in women is the reduction surgery of the labia minora. It is a very simple surgical reduction procedure that is performed under local anaesthesia and after which the patient usually leaves the centre in just one hour.

    Until a decade ago, it was requested mostly by women seeking to correct problems of urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse (displacement of the vaginal walls) caused, above all, by multiple births. However, currently, the experience points out rather to aesthetic reasons, just as frequent, or more, than functional ones.

    The peak age of greatest demand in female cosmetic surgery ranges between 30 and 35 years.

    Specialists in Intimate Surgery in Marbella

    In Hospital Ochoa, with intimate surgery in Marbella we seek not only to aesthetically improve this intimate area of women, but to improve their daily life, for actions such as riding a bicycle, eliminating hygiene difficulties or improving intimate relationships with their partners.

    Our technique of rejuvenation consists of vaginal narrowing, which reduces its diameter by plication of the inner muscles of the vagina.

    We also take care of men intimate aesthetics with surgeries such as the ones related to penis enlargement or phalloplasty in Marbella, a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to increase the length and circumference of the penis.

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