Laser Liposuction Marbella

Effective Treatment

Lipolaser Treatment in Marbella

Body Modelling

Laser liposuction or lipolaser Marbella, an advanced technique of body modelling in which the unwanted fat is eliminated in any part of the body.

Method of Application

Laser (Surgery)

Hospitalization Days

1-2 days

Recovery Time

1 Week approx.

Duration of intervention

3 hours

General Anesthaesia


Laser Liposuction Marbella

A new method with faster recovery than traditional liposuction, since all treatment is performed by laser. In addition, thanks to the advanced laser technology available now, the accumulated fat is dissolved and extracted without damaging the tissues unlike other similar treatments.

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    Lipolaser or Laser Liposuction Application

    Lipolaser is a type of cosmetic surgery through which all the accumulated fat in the parts of the body is eliminated, the most common areas being tummy and thighs.

    A softer, smoother and …

    fat free skin

    Advanced Technology in Laser Liposuction Marbella
    Good results with lipolaser

    In Hospital Ochoa Marbella, at present, thanks to technological advances, you can make use of laser technology for this application, thus avoiding traumatic surgeries, since in laser liposculpture the patient’s tissues suffer much less damage compared to what they would suffer with a traditional liposuction.

    Marbella Lipolaser specialists of Hospital Ochoa make incisions that do not leave any kind of trace on the body and especially with less pain than in traditional liposuction.

    Areas of Application for Lipolaser Treatment in Marbella

    The most common treatments with lipolaser in Marbella focus, above all, on the abdomen, arms and legs or back. It’s not an invasive treatment that eliminates localised fat from the different parts of the body to be treated.

    The difference with respect to liposculpture with surgery is that it allows a large amount of fat to be extracted in a very short time, in areas of adipose accumulation, and in the case of lipolaser, the removal of fat is achieved with very good results.

    Lipolaser Marbella
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    We have the latest laser technology for the application and implementation of laser liposuction treatments in Marbella. With us, in addition to having a team of professionals at your service, you will get the most advanced methods and techniques in all aesthetic treatments, beauty and well-being.

    If you are thinking about our Laser Liposculpture treatment, let us solve all your questions and inform you of our procedure.


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