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A face full of vitality is a sign of youth and rejuvenation. With the Marbella cheekbones and cheeks treatment you can recover all of your face’s vitality. At Estética Ochoa we place at your disposal all the necessary treatments to regain the youth and vitality of your face.

Many people say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and although this may be true, it’s certain that the cheeks and cheekbones also deserve their credit mentioned. We all like looking in the mirror and seeing a face with volume, rounded cheeks and cheekbones that give our face a healthy appearance.

Put yourself in the hands of our professional team and your cheekbones and cheeks will recover the volume that they once had, and that you wish for.

Increase Volume in the Cheekbones

The cheekbones are the most important part of the facial profile. It’s common that if you do a lot of sport and have drastically lost weight that the cheekbones have lost their original volume. However, at Estética Ochoa we propose a solution that can recover all the volume of your cheekbones without gaining a gram of fat. How?

Very simple: through our hyaluronic acid-based volume treatment. What we do in this treatment is accentuate the cheekbone so tit doesn’t give the feeling of a completely flat face. The hyaluronic acid is a 99% water polysaccharide. It’s found in the skin itself and therefore injections of the substance are not harmful. Hyaluronic acid governs the regeneration of collagen, which increases the volume of the cheekbones.

At Estética Ochoa we trust in hyaluronic acid since it is a substance that is reabsorbed. The sessions for enhancing the cheekbones are temporary and they must be refilled every so often. The time between each session ranges from 6 months to 2 years depending on the face of the person in question.

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    Get firm cheeks with Radiesse

    The vitality of the race doesn’t only depend on the cheekbones, but also in the cheeks, since it is those that frame the cheekbones. What happens when the cheeks lose their firmness and become flacid as a consequence of weight loss? Well, with Estética Ochoa this is absolutely not a problem, since in our Marbella clinic you will be able to undergo cheek firming treatment.

    This treatment for the recovery of firmness of the cheeks is performed using Radiesse, that is, calcium hydroxypathy, which assists the stimulation of collagen. This treatment complemented with hyaluronic acid cheek volume treatment, which is a collagen regenerator, will give your face a healthy and youthful look; making it recover all its vitality and youth.

    Like hyaluronic acid, the substance known as Radiesse (calcium hydroxypathy) is also found naturally in our body, and therefore the treatment is not corrosive for the skin or the body.

    Natural aesthetic results

    At Estetica Ochoa we want to bet on natural results, and for this reason we advocate substances naturally present in your body. Moreover, as a consequence of recovering firmness of the cheeks, wrinkles and folds that are sometimes brought about by age, or lack of volume, will disappear, creating a much livelier and more youthful image of your face.


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    Marbella Aesthetic Clinic Specialized in Cheekbones and Cheeks

    At Estetica Ochoa we are a clinic in Marbella specialized in cheekbones and cheeks. Our hyaluronic acid cheek filling treatment, and the treatment with Radiesse for recovering cheek firmness, are rapid treatments and not invasive, achieving completely natural results.

    Contrary to more traditional means, hyaluronic acid injections, and the use of Radiesse, are performed in a linear and progressive way in order to cover the cheekbones and cheeks in full.

    Recover your most youthful face

    If you are interested in recovering the volume of your cheekbones and the firmness of your cheeks, leave your home remedies and come to our Estetica Ochoa clinic in Marbella. We are committed to offering you quality results that make you not want to stop looking at yourself in the mirror.