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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Marbella is the surgical process with greater acceptance in women who seek to increase the volume of their breasts, through an implant or breast prosthesis. It is especially indicated in cases of little development in the breasts or for women who after pregnancy wish to recover the firmness and volume of their breasts.

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24 hours

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3 Weeks approx.

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Experts in Breast Augmentation

Our experts at Hospital Ochoa perform the three access options for implant placement that can occur in breast augmentation:

Breast augmentation via Areolar Incision

It consists of a technique with an approach around the mammary gland, in many cases this technique is used if there is an asymmetry between the breasts or due to a reconstruction of the breast.

Breast Augmentation via Axillary Incision

The approach is made from the armpit which prevents the visibility of the scar, completely concealed by the fold of the arm. This technique is not indicated for all patients, and it is the aesthetic plastic surgeon who will determine whether or not to perform this type of surgery depending on the patient’s physiognomy.

Breast augmentation via Inframammary Incision

It’s the technique with greater use for the simplicity of its approach as for the discretion of its scar, as the breast itself ends up hiding it. The prosthesis placed under the mammary gland or under the pectoralis major muscle will depend on the thickness of the patient’s skin.

Quality in Breast Prostheses

Breast surgeries in Marbella by plastic and aesthetic surgeons of Hospital Ochoa are performed with the best breast prostheses in the market, meeting all quality requirements. We work with companies such as: Mentor (Allergan), GS Stetic and Eurosilicone.

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Why choosing Breast Augmentation in Marbella?
Greater Firmness and Size

The purpose and objective of a patient who undergoes a breast augmentation in Marbella is mainly to improve their physique and increase the level of self-esteem they need in relation with their chest, as well as improving the quality of their personal relationships.

High level Medical and Modern Facilities for Breast Augmentation

Hospital Ochoa Marbella offers a high-level medical care service with excellent highly trained aesthetic surgeons, who have been operating and fulfilling the expectations of their patients for breast augmentation in Marbella for many years.

The comfort of the individual rooms and the security of offering a 24-hour service to their patients is also a big plus. To solve all your doubts about breast augmentation surgery in Marbella, contact us and request an evaluation appointment where the specialist will explain in detail all the steps of the process.

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