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At Estética Ochoa we have been performing Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Marbella for years obtaining great results, and satisfying the need of patients who wish to remove unwanted hair permanently.

We have the support of a professional team of dermatologists who carry out a preliminary study, and supervise all laser hair removal treatments in Marbella to provide maximum safety for the skin of our patients.

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If you want to take a laser hair removal treatment at a clinic in Marbella, Estética Ochoa is the best choice. We have the most advanced laser technology, which allows us to provide incredible results from the first sessions.

Do you want to say goodbye to the hair of your legs, arms, back or more intimate areas? Request information without commitment from our laser hair removal specialists!

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    Laser Hair Removal Marbella

    What kind of Laser do we use in Estetica Ochoa?

    Beauty Treatments

    In Estetica Ochoa we use the Alexandrite Laser, recommended by our doctors specialized in laser hair removal, because of its excellent results in the non-invasive elimination of unwanted hair.

    Its advanced technology together with the results obtained, makes this laser the best option, within laser hair removal in Marbella, to remove hair permanently in any area of the body.

    Who is it for?

    Laser hair removal in Marbella is aimed at all those people, both men and women, who wish to start a treatment to permanently remove hair from their skin.

    From our Aesthetic Center we underscore the following:

    • Your safety comes first...

      we have the support of dermatologists with years of experience.

    • Medical laser in expert hands...

      no burn injuries have occurred in our center.

    • Quality and price, satisfied customer...

      we always care about offering and improving our services.

    • Don't miss out on your treatment...

      we offer facilities to pay in instalments or through financing.

    • Estimate free of charge...

      we study your case and offer a customized quotation.

    How long does the Treatment take and how many Sessions are needed?

    The treatment lasts depending on the amount of hair and the number of areas to be treated. In small areas such as armpits and upper lip the treatment usually takes about 10 minutes. A larger area such as full legs, back or thorax can take up to 1 hour.

    The duration of the sessions will depend on the colour of the hair and of your skin, as well as on how strong the hair is. Laser hair removal in women is more effective than in men regardless of the type of laser.

    The 3-year vouchers allow, as a general rule, enough sessions to permanently remove hair. However, you can request information or advice and we will indicate the approximate number of sessions depending on the area, surface to be treated and type of hair.

    How many Sessions do I have time to complete in a year?

    Generally, it is necessary to leave 4 and 6 weeks between sessions so that the hair grows back in smaller amounts. In a year, taking into account the summer, you can have up to 5 sessions.

    How does the laser work until the hair is definitely removed?

    All types of lasers used in laser hair removal treatments act on melanin. Melanin is the natural substance that creates the pigment in the body and is found both in the skin and in the hair. The energy projected by the laser is concentrated on melanin, in the dark hair, to penetrate to the root and seal the capillary vessel where the hair is born. In this way, the hair does not grow back, making the treatment definitive.

    Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

    During the treatment the patient may show a slight sensation of discomfort. The Alexandrite laser has a DCD cooling system applied when projecting the laser to produce an anaesthetic effect and make the treatment more comfortable.

    What advantages does the alexandrite laser offer over the diode laser?

    The Alexandrite laser reaches deeper into the skin and treats hair roots. The energy is projected at a wavelength at 755 nanometers compared to the diode laser of 810 nm. Thus, it has greater absorption by melanin reaching more easily the root or hair follicle.

    It is more effective because it has the shortest pulse width. The pulse width is the time it takes for the laser to supply the shot. The alexandrite laser takes 3 milliseconds and the diode laser 200 milliseconds, this means that the alexandrite laser is more intense and aggressive.

    Can the Alexandrite laser be applied to dark skins?

    The Alexandrite laser works with a greater absorption by melanin which makes it impossible to treat dark skins. There is the possibility of treating the skin with different types of creams that help depigmenting the skin so that the treatment is more effective and can be performed on dark skin.

    However, in Estética Ochoa we always offer a preliminary study with a dermatologist who will determine if your skin tone is the ideal one to perform the treatment with maximum safety. This study is performed free-of-charge.

    Why is the previous study and the Supervision of the treatment with Dermatologists important?

    According to current regulations, all Type 4 lasers, including Alexandrite and Diode lasers, must be supervised by doctors. The dermatologist is the most indicated specialist to perform it.

    What happens if in a period of 3 years the hair is not removed in a definitive way?

    With the purchase of a voucher, we include up to 2 review sessions, that is, sufficient sessions to finish and complete the treatment. It is strictly necessary that the patient has performed the treatment in an uninterrupted manner.

    What precautions should you take if you want to undergo Laser Hair Removal?

    Avoid the sun after performing the treatment. Avoid traditional hair removal 1 week before the start date of the treatment. Once the treatment is authorized by the doctor following a preliminary study, we will inform you about everything necessary to carry it out safely for your skin.

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    In what areas can Laser Hair Removal be applied in Marbella?
    Non-Invasive Treatment with Advanced Technology

    At Estetica Ochoa we perform laser hair removal for men and women in Marbella in body areas such as:

    • Underarms

    • Arms

    • Lumbar Area

    • Chin and upper Lip

    • Legs

    • Bikini line

    • Thorax and Abdomen

    • Eyebrowns

    • Pubis

    • Linea Alba

    • Areolas

    • Back, Shoulders and Nape

    How long is each Laser Hair Removal Session in Marbella?

    The duration of laser hair removal treatment in Marbella will depend on the amount of hair and the number of areas to be treated. In small areas such as the armpits and upper lip the treatment usually lasts about 10 minutes. A large area such as full legs, back or thorax can take up to 1 hour.

    The duration of the sessions will depend on the colour of the hair and of your skin, as well as on how strong the hair is.

    Laser Hair Removal Marbella
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