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Diodo, Alejandrita e IPL

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Marbella

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Laser Hair Removal Marbella at Estética Ochoa, we have all the laser technology available on the market: Alexandrite, Diode, and IPL, to offer our patients a comprehensive treatment tailored to their skin and hair type.

We’ve been performing this treatment for 15 years, achieving excellent results and meeting the needs of patients wishing to permanently remove body hair. We are backed by dermatologist doctors who ensure safety and oversee the laser hair removal treatment in Marbella.

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    New Diode Laser Soprano Titanium by Alma Laser

    Unlike other diodes, Alma Laser has developed a new 3D technology in laser hair removal that combines 3 wavelengths into 1, treating hair at different depths of the skin for better results.

    The laser incorporates the SHR technology for more comfortable treatment and the innovative ICE Plus cooling system, making it a top choice for laser hair removal in Marbella.

    Your skin smoother and... hair-free

    Laser hair removal in Marbella is aimed at anyone, both men and women, who wish to undergo a treatment to permanently remove skin hair.

    Leading Brands in Laser Technology

    for laser hair removal in Marbella

    Diode Laser

    Soprano Titanium by Alma Laser
    • SHR Technology
    • ICE Plus Cooling
    • Permanent treatment
    • Certified equipment
    • Better results in less time
    • 3 wavelengths in 1 ( 755, 810 and 1064 nm)

    Alexandrite Laser

    Syneron Candela
    • Acts by melanin
    • Zimmer Cooling
    • Smoother and younger skin
    • Ideal for small areas
    • Adjustable and selective focus
    • Wavelength 755



    Areas where Laser Hair Removal can be applied

    If you want to effectively, safely, and permanently remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal is the solution you’re looking for. At Estética Ochoa, we offer the best laser hair removal service in Marbella, with the most advanced technology and the most qualified staff.

    Choose any area you’re interested in, from the armpits, arms, lower back, chin, upper lip, legs, groin, chest and abdomen, eyebrows, pubic area, linea alba, areolas, to the back, shoulders, and nape. The result will be smooth, even skin without irritations.

    We are a Cosmetic Medicine Clinic

    Estética Ochoa is a cosmetic medicine clinic in Marbella, offering you the best treatments to care for your health and beauty. Among our services, laser hair removal stands out as an effective, safe, and lasting method to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body.

    Why choose us for laser hair removal in Marbella? Because we provide personalised advice, a team of experienced medical professionals, interest-free financing, and modern, comfortable facilities.

    Duration of Laser Hair Removal Session in Marbella

    The duration of a laser hair removal session at our clinic in Marbella will depend on the amount of hair and the number of areas to treat. For smaller areas like the armpits and moustache, the treatment usually lasts about 10 minutes. Larger areas like full legs, back, or chest can take up to 1 hour.

    The session duration will vary depending on hair colour and skin type, as well as hair strength.

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