Mastopexy Marbella

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Breast Lift Surgery in Marbella

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Breasts lift surgery or mastopexy in Marbella, carried out by Hospital Ochoa, is indicated for women who have sagging breasts. If they also have little volume, you can perform a breast augmentation with prosthesis at the same time.

Method of Application


Hospital stay

0-24 hours

Recovery Time

2 Weeks approx.

Duration of Intervention

1.30 hours


General Anaesthesia

Mastopexy Marbella

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    Mastopexy Application

    The breast intervention is performed around the areola of the nipple, eliminating skin excess and placing the areola and nipple of the breasts in their correct position.

    Hospitalization Days

    It will depend on the technique used in the surgery, approximately 0-24 hours.

    Recovery Days

    Two weeks approximately.

    Duration of Intervention

    One hour approximately.

    Type of Anesthaesia

    General or Local Anaesthesia and Sedation

    Breasts regain firmness and …


    In what cases is a Mastopexy Recommended?
    Recover the Attractiveness of the Breast

    Breast lift surgery is indicated in breasts of size according to the biotype, but that have fallen, due more by an excess of skin than by a glandular excess, and also in empty breasts after a pregnancy or following a significant weight loss. These are the breasts with excess skin and little breast tissue.

    Our mastopexy specialists of Hospital Ochoa Marbella offer very satisfactory results, improving both the aesthetics as well as the self-esteem of the patient.

    How is mastopexy performed in Marbella?

    Several techniques exist for this surgical operation of breast lift or Mastopexy in Marbella. The usual is that the resulting scar made around the areola and vertical. If the need for skin removal is greater, it may be necessary to enlarge it with a scar in the breast groove, through surgery.

    In breast lift surgery, intradermal sutures are used. These are performed inside the skin and leave very few visible marks. Hence, the healing of the breasts being quite good. In a few months the scars on the breasts, usually reddish following the operation, begin to clear up and become less evident.

    During the first months after the breasts operation, you should not sunbathe without wearing total sunscreen, to avoid any risk of hyperpigmentation of the scar of the breasts.

    Breast lift surgery is usually performed under sedation, although sometimes general anaesthesia can be used instead. This allows a quick recovery and the ability to perform it on an outpatient basis without need for admission.

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