Dermapen Marbella

Non-Invasive Treatment

If you’re looking for a quick way to make your face look more attractive, our Dermapen Marbella treatment rejuvenates your skin and makes it look firmer by means of a transdermal penetration system using micro needles. To achieve this, we use Gold Pen, the fastest, safest and most effective system that opens thousands of micro-channels and naturally increases production of collagen and elastin in a process that’s 100% safe for the patient.

Goldpen is an electronic device that uses multiple fine microneedles to pierce the skin. It’s a very useful tool for all puncture treatments. So much so that the Dermapen is the said to be the an improved version of the Dermaroller, but instead of using a roller the Dermapen uses a kind of pen which automatically and continuously makes microscopic punctures, whose depth can be selected by the user.

If you’re interested in a skin rejuvenation treatment using the Dermapen system, at Estética Ochoa we’ve got everything you need to undergo this treatment at our Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Marbella.

Gold Pen Treatment Marbella

We’d like to give you additional in-depth information about the skin rejuvenation treatment that we perform in our clinic in Marbella. The Gold Pen treatment begins with a thorough cleansing of the area where the Dermapen will be applied (around the eyes, lips, neck, cheekbones, gluteals…) Next, the head of the Goldpen is inserted using the special interlocking mechanism and the speed and depth are adjusted using the corresponding buttons. The speed and depth of the Gold Pen vary according to the area where it is to be applied. On the forehead, as well as around the eyes and lips it can go as deep as 0.5mm; on the cheekbones, the chin, the neck and the hands 1.0mm; while on the abdomen, gluteals and muscles the depth increases to 1.5mm and 2.5mm.

After this, according to the area you would like to treat, we choose a treatment using a particular active ingredient; some of the active ingredients that can be applied are: vitamins, collagen, trace elements, hyaluronic acid, etc. We apply the treatment to the corresponding area and stretching the skin we start to make punctures, making small circular, horizontal and vertical movements; applying light pressure so that the treatment penetrates the skin well and is effective.

To finish the treatment, we perform a short massage to make sure that the product continues to penetrate the skin effectively, and finally we apply a face mask or a calming lotion for 15-20 minutes to calm the skin. Nevertheless, it’s important to take into account that after the treatment it’s essential to avoid exposing your skin to the sun for at least a week. If this isn’t possible, you must apply factor 50+ suncream.

The Dermapen treatment stimulates the production of collagen and encourages the absorption of products that nourish the cells. The desired result is to make skin firmer, pores smaller and scars and blemishes less visible. In Estética Ochoa’s Medical Clinic in Marbella, you can enjoy the best Dermapen treatment, applied with Gold Pen, the best transdermal penetration system in the world.

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    Dermapen Marbella

    Stimulation of collagen production using micro needles

    Using Dermapen results in collagen renewal, which improves the skin and reduces signs of ageing. In contrast to the Dermaroller and the previously-mentioned roller method, the Dermapen’s micro needles use a controlled stamping method to reach a specific depth in the skin, thus reducing the size of the epidermis. The depth of the needle can be adjusted according to the area so that it’s easier to manoeuvre around facial contours. The treatment requires approximately six sessions, and patients will see an improvement in their skin of approximately 20% after each one.

    Discover your hidden skin with micro punctures

    The Dermapen treatment that we perform in Estética Ochoa is a treatment that uses micro punctures. The head of the Dermapen holds between 8 and 16 needles, which inserts the active ingredient chosen by our professional team by means of the micro puncture mechanism. In addition to inserting the selected active ingredients, it also stimulates the production of collagen by means of subcutaneous cuts in the skin that promote regeneration. The micro puncture treatment leaves skin much more luminous and rejuvenated, without wrinkles, scars, stretch marks or blemishes.


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    Who said that it was too late to discover your skin and give it a new lease on life? You can rely on us to for your Dermapen treatment. We’ll give your skin a new youth.