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Smiling is one of the things that we as humans do most often, to express happiness and excitement.

Your smile is one of the features that most defines your face, as well as your personality. An attractive, pleasant-looking smile gives a very good impression to other people. To have an attractive smile, it’s vital to look after it by maintaining good standards of oral hygiene and cleaning. However, it’s not just the teeth that are important – we should also take care of gums, lips and the mouth in general.

A gummy smile is one of the most common oral health problems that people suffer from. A gummy smile is a disproportionality between the gums and the teeth which causes the gums to look much bigger, and look more prominent than the teeth. A gummy smile is also called excessive gingival display, and is generally diagnosed when more than 2-4mm of gum is visible, although this can vary according to each patient’s facial proportions.

Many different things can cause a gummy smile, including dental, skeletal and muscular factors. However, regardless of the reason for the gummy smile, all these factors cause an irregular gum line and a top lip that’s too short for the teeth that it should cover. In addition to this, a gummy smile can be linked to other pathologies such as a very open bite or a shortened jawline due to a receding jaw or small jaw. Are you someone who suffers from a gummy smile, and you don’t know how to fix it? Do you feel self-conscious every time you smile because you don’t like how you look? Do you feel that your teeth are overshadowed by excessive gum display? Don’t worry – at Estética Ochoa, we have the perfect treatment to help you get back the smile that you’ve been dreaming of.

A smile without limits

At Estética Ochoa, we use hyaluronic acid as the basis of our gummy smile treatment because it’s a substance that our body produces naturally, which means that it’s not invasive and the body doesn’t tend to reject it. After the treatment, it’s essential that you use a very soft toothbrush for the next 15 days so that your gum area is damaged as little as possible. You should also take extra-special care to maintain an adequate standard of oral hygiene.

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    Say goodbye to visible gums

    As stated previously, many different things can cause a gummy smile, and for this reason it’s important to seek professional help. At Estética Ochoa, we can provide you with everything you need to smile happily again.

    At Estética Ochoa, we offer a range of aesthetic services, including gummy smile treatment handled by top experts, surgeons and medical professionals. The treatment that we carry out to fix a gummy smile is a non-surgical treatment, which means that the procedure and the recovery time are much shorter.

    Non-surgical gummy smile treatment in Marbella

    Treating a gummy smile with hyaluronic acid involves inserting a lip filler that reduces the amount that the upper lip lifts when a patient smiles, meaning that less gum is exposed. The best thing about this treatment is that it’s a non-surgical treatment, and so the recovery time is very short.


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    Do you suffer from a gummy smile, but you’ve always been afraid of undergoing surgery? Would you like to be able to smile without worry or concern? Do you want to feel comfortable with your smile for once? At Estética Ochoa, we are committed to making all this possible. No-one should stop themselves from smiling, or feel afraid to do so because of a gum issue that has a very straightforward solution.

    Put your confidence in our expert team. When you see the results, you’ll start smiling again and you’ll never want to stop.