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Brachioplasty in Marbella is a surgical technique aimed at eliminating skin flaccidity in the arms of both men and women. With this surgical intervention at Hospital Ochoa, it’s possible to improve the appearance of the upper extremities of the body, since it eliminates the dropping slack skin effect and reduces accumulated fat.

Method of Application


Hospital stay

No stay required

Recovery Time

2 Weeks approx.

Duration of Intervention

1 hours


General Anesthaesia

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Application Plastic Surgery in Arms

Brachioplasty or cosmetic surgery in the arms is one of the most advantageous techniques to recover firm and stylized arms.

Hospitalization Days

No stay required.

Recovery Days

From zero to four weeks.

Duration of Intervention

From two to three hours approximately.

Type of Anesthaesia

General Anaesthesia or Local Anaesthesia and Sedation

Slender and firmer …


Why undergo a Brachioplasty Intervention in Marbella?
Eliminate the Flaccidity of your Arms

A significant decrease in weight or skin flaccidity due to age are some of the most frequent factors in the origin of this excess skin accumulated in the lower portion of the arms.

Brachioplasty or arm lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure is one of the most advantageous techniques to recover firm and slender arms performed in Marbella.

In the initial consultation, at Hospital Ochoa in Marbella, our specialists will assess aspects such as the excess dermal fat on the inside of the arms, the quality of the skin, the ability to retract and, of course, the patient’s state of health.

Pre-assessment to choose the type of brachioplasty in Marbella

In Hospital Ochoa, we will determine if the patient is a good candidate for the brachioplasty in Marbella and everything related to the preoperative as well as the surgery and postoperative stages will be explained. There are two types Brachioplasty or arm lift:

  • Simple Brachioplasty

    Indicated in young patients, whose skin laxity is limited only to the inner side of the arms.

  • Brachioplasty with Axillary and Thoracic Extension

    For those cases of older patients, who not only have the so-called “arm in pendulum”, but also the excess of skin extends to the submamary and thoracic area.

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