Marbella Chemical Peel

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Marbella Chemical Peel Treatment

Exfoliation and Rejuvenation of your Face

Estética Ochoa offers Chemical Peel in Marbella. This is a fast, easy and safe exfoliating treatment recommended for the rejuvenation of the face. It provides brightness and fights skin damage caused by sun exposure as well as the signs of acne, with visible results that make it one the most popular cosmetic treatments.

Method of Application

Chemical Substances

Length of Sessions

30 mins. approx.

Price for Rejuvenation

From € 150

Price for Brightness

From € 75

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How is it Applied?

Chemical Peel

This treatment is always provided by an expert doctor who will apply chemical substances on the outer layer of your skin to cause peeling of your epidermis and allow new skin generation.

In which cases is this Treatment Recommended?

Fights Wrinkles and Lines

It helps reduce or eliminate fine wrinkles under the eyes and around the mouth, correct uneven skin pigmentation and reduce acne, at the same time as treating the scars caused by acne.

Results and Length of Effects

Soft Skin

Peeling is an affordable treatment that helps recover a soft and bright appearance of the skin and obtain better texture, as it helps remove the outer damaged layers.

Side Effects
Painless Technique

This is a painless technique after which you can go back to your everyday life. It has no significant side effects other than a slight reddening of the skin and the intended “peeled” effect.

Brightens the …


What is Chemical Peel?
Soft and Hydrated Skin

The Chemical Peel treatment is especially indicated to improve the appearance of your skin through exfoliation and peeling. It can be applied on various areas, such as face, neck, back and hands, with satisfactory results.

The technique we use for this treatment starts with the removal of the excess fat on the skin using chemical substances. The Chemical Peel treatment in Marbella is increasingly sought after by clients who come to us looking for facial rejuvenation and especially, exfoliation and cleansing.

The Results of a Chemical Peel

Peeling is a painless treatment offering fast and long-lasting results. Additionally, this treatment is very affordable and does not involve surgery or recovery.

Having smooth, hydrated and bright skin is an objective that is increasingly pursued by people, and this is why we offer a Chemical Peel treatment in Marbella.

Following the treatment you may experience slight reddening of the area but this will be receding in the following few hours.

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