Mesotherapy Marbella

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Mesotherapy Marbella

Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

We have extensive experience providing Facial Mesotherapy Treatments in Marbella. But, what is mesotherapy? It is a facial rejuvenation technique recommended for the recovery of lost vital nutrients in the skin due to sun exposure, hormonal changes or poor circulation caused by the natural ageing process.

Method of Application

Small Injections

Length of Session

15 mins. approx.

Number of Sessions

3 Sessions

Price of Treatment

from € 216

Mesotherapy Marbella

Facial mesotherapy is a treatment that after its completion provides greater vitality, firmness and gives the face a younger look. And whose results can begin to be noticed after the first week of application.

If you are thinking about taking a facial mesotherapy treatment in Marbella, we will be happy to be your specialists in our aesthetic clinic. Inform yourself without commitment, additionally, every month we update our offers so that a beauty, aesthetic, wellness or facial treatment can be carried out at an incredible price.

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    How is it Applied?

    Facial Mesotherapy

    This treatment is applied by means of small skin injections of vitamins and minerals with the aim to obtain antioxidant effects, provide vitality, firmness and a more radiant and younger appearance.

    Length of the Technique and Number of Sessions

    Effective Treatment

    This is a simple and fast procedure that only last approximately 15 minutes. In order to obtain the best results you will require ten sessions, with a week interval between them, although this treatment may vary depending on age and skin type. After the first treatment, you will need to have touch-up sessions twice a year.

    Results and Length of Effect

    Smooth Skin

    You will notice the results after the first few sessions, although sometimes you may be able to notice skin improvement after the first session. In combination with an adequate diet the results will be long-lasting.

    Side Effects
    Painless Treatment

    The content of the injections is painless and the slight discomfort of the small injections is eliminated with the use of topic anaesthetics. You will experience slight irritation only rarely, but this usually disappears within two weeks.

    Recover nutrient …


    What is Facial Mesotherapy?
    Hydration and Rejuvenation

    Estética Ochoa provides Mesotherapy Treatments in Marbella using small injections in order to infiltrate substances into the skin, such as vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid, which are all beneficial for the skin and help hydrate and rejuvenate the facial skin.

    As it is a fully personalised hydration treatment, it allows us to adapt to the characteristics of each skin type to obtain the best results.

    Facial Mesotherapy makes your skin look younger, more uniform, smoother and brighter. You can notice the results 48 hours after treatment.

    Results of the Facial Mesotherapy Treatment in Marbella

    Delaying skin ageing is an increasingly concerning issue. This is why the Facial Mesotheraphy treatment in Marbella is an excellent option to achieve rejuvenated skin and postpone natural ageing.

    The passing by of the years and the wrinkling of the skin are two of the main reasons this treatment is used. In this sense facial mesotherapy has become a highly-demanded treatment by our patients and is having excellent acceptance due to its significant results.

    Mesotherapy Treatments Marbella
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