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Wide variety of Massages

We perform massages in Marbella with different purposes. Depending on the objective and the possible issue or injury to address, more or fewer sessions may be necessary. Each person is unique and different and therefore the massage must adapt to the specific needs.

Lymphatic Massage (full session)

€ 70

Circulatory Massage

€ 50

Relaxing Massage

€ 50

Lymphatic Massage (specific area)

€ 40

Decontracting Massage

€ 50

Shiatsu Massage

€ 80

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Massages for Blood Circulation

Improves Circulation

  • Lymphatic Massage

    Manual lymphatic drainage is a technique that is performed with the hands through very smooth, slow and repetitive movements that favour the circulation of the lymph, thus improving edematous pictures, swellings and fluid retentions.

  • Circulatory Massage

    The purpose of circulatory massages is to activate the blood supply. On the one body fluids are mobilised, it improves nutrients reaching cells and, on the other hand, circulating toxins travel faster to the organs and ganglia responsible for eliminating them.

Relax Mind and …


Massages to Fight Problems
Relaxing Massages
  • Decontracting Massage

    Deeper massage, more intense than the relaxing one that focuses mainly on contractures, aiming at eliminating them and for the muscle to recover its normal structure. The technique is carried out on top of the contracture with movements in different directions until it is eliminated.

  • Shiatsu Massage

    The shiatsu technique is a manual massage of Japanese origin that consists of manual compression of the patient’s body to improve certain physical problems. In Estetica Ochoa you will be in the best hands, we are experts in this millenary technique. You will be treated on a futon (traditional Japanese bed). Body pressure and stretching techniques, as well as mobilizations and manipulations of your body muscles, will led you to relief with a global loosening feeling.

    Especially indicated for those who feel predilection for sports massages.

Place yourself in the Hands of Professionals

We have professional specialists in the various massage techniques we offer to achieve the best results and take care of something as important as your health.

We adapt the massage to the needs of each patient, with special emphasis on those aimed at the treatment of injuries, contractures or diseases.

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