Hydradermie Marbella

Deep Cleaning

Hydradermie Treatment Marbella

Oxygenation of the Skin

Hydradermie Treatment is performed in Marbella as a biological deep clean treatment that allows the skin to breathe and be more receptive to treatment products.

The oxygenation of the skin and the reactivation of the circulatory functions provides radiance to the skin. The treatment is done by performing a facial massage and it lasts fifty minutes.

Method of Application

Facial Massage

Duration of the Sessions

50 min approx.

Duration Effects

1 Month approx.

Treatment Price

€ 70

hydradermie marbella
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Hydradermie Rejuvenation Technique

Treatment Adapted to your Skin

In Estética Ochoa we carry out the Hydradermie Marbella treatment as a rejuvenation treatment adapted to each type of skin.

Over the years the cellular activity of the skin decreases, leading to the appearance of small signs of ageing. The Hydradermie treatment is divided into several steps:

  • Ionisation
  • Drainage
  • Oxygenation
  • Hydration
  • Stimulation
Products for the Treatment
Effective Rejuvenation Treatment

To achieve a radiant and smooth skin we perform the Hydradermie treatment using the following products:

  • Vitamin C

    Powerful antioxidant, clears the complexion

  • Melanoxyl

    Decreases the melanogenesis process to attenuate dark spots

When are Treatment Results Visible?

Skin full of Luminosity

As soon as the Hydradermie treatment is completed, the results of the treatment are immediately appreciated. From that moment and in about an hour, you will notice a beautiful skin and a glowing face.

How many times can it be applied?

The first two or three Hydradermie treatments are recommended to be carried out in a space of 2 weeks. From there, the recommendation would be once a month. To support the benefits of the treatment, it is recommended to use at home the products indicated by the aesthetic professional.

Your skin will look Soft and …


Get an Hydrated Skin thanks to Hydradermie
Soft and Hydrated Skin

Hydradermie is an exclusive lifting treatment through which you will achieve a deeply hydrated and younger looking skin. A treatment with scientifically proven great results.

It helps to improve the beauty of the skin, increases luminosity and reduces wrinkles, achieving visible results from the first session.

Results Lifting Effect

Following the Hydradermie Marbella treatment, you will notice a more luminous, hydrated and soft skin. Also reducing small wrinkles and providing a smooth skin.

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