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Abdominoplasty in Marbella is the aesthetic surgical procedure that removes excess skin that is left over when there is abdominal skin flaccidity.

In addition, it is recommended in patients who have the so-called “sagging belly skin”.

Method of Application


Hospital stay

24-48 hours

Recovery Time

4 Weeks approx.

Duration of Intervention

2-5 hours


General Anaesthesia

abdominoplasty marbella

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    Abdominoplasty Application

    Abdominoplasty is the aesthetic surgical procedure that removes excess skin that is left over when there is abdominal skin flaccidity.

    Hospitalization Days

    24-48 hours approximately.

    Recovery Days

    Four weeks approximately.

    Duration of Intervention

    From two to five hours approximately.

    Type of Anesthaesia

    General Anaesthesia

    Regain abdominal shape and …


    In what cases is an Abdominoplasty Recommended?
    Recover the Attractiveness of your Tummy

    At Hospital Ochoa in Marbella, specialists recommend this intervention in people who have had a significant reduction in weight or women who, after one or several pregnancies, have not recovered abdominal tension.

    Abdominoplasties in Marbella allow to correct the defects of the abdomen, both related to skin, as well as to fat and musculature. This intervention will improve its appearance.

    Contrary to what one might think, abdominoplasties are not a replacement to lose weight, but to eliminate sagging and excess skin in people who have an adequate weight, and regardess the amount of sport they practice or how much theh diet, they fail to eliminate abdominal flaccidity.

    How is an Abdominoplasty Performed in Marbella?

    There are several types of abdominoplasties which will be evaluated by the specialists of Hospital Ochoa. They will select the most recommended process to be performed according to the abdomen of the person.

    • Liposuction

      It is performed when the person only has an excess of fat in the abdomen, but muscle and skin are fine.

    • Abdominoplasty with Vertical Scar

      Performed when there is more skin on the abdomen.

    • Classical Abdominoplasty

      Performed in cases where there is a large skin excess, and the remainder of the umbilical region joins with the pubis and groins.

    • Abdominoplasty with Lateral Extensions

      Performed in cases where we seek to correct the excesses that are on the sides of the abdomen.

    • Abdominoplastia Circunferencial

      Performed in situations in which a person loses a lot of weight in an exaggerated way and has excess skin in all regions.

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