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Mentoplasty in Marbella is the procedure of plastic and reconstructive surgery performed in Hospital Ochoa. It consists in achieving an adequate projection of the chin, so that the vertical line of the patient’s profile complies with a harmonious aesthetic pattern.

Method of Application


Hospital stay

24 hours

Recovery Time

1 Week approx.

Duration of Intervention

1.30 hours


General or Local Anesthaesia and Sedation

mentoplastia marbella
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Chin Surgery Application

Mentoplasty or surgery of the chin, aims to achieve a greater proportion of the face, changing the position and size of the chin to harmonise it with the rest of facial features.

Hospitalization Days

It required 24 hours.

Recovery Days

Four weeks.

Duration of Intervention

From 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Type of Anesthaesia

General anaesthesia or Local anaesthesia and Sedation

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We are specialists in Mentoplasty Marbella
Following the assessment of your face

Mentoplasty in Marbella, a surgery to increase or not the bone mass, in which Hospital Ochoa is a specialist, will evaluate the patient’s needs placing them in profile position, in such a way that the chin projection after the intervention is in vertical line with the rest of the facial profile.

Why undergoing a Mentoplasty Intervention in Marbella?

Mentoplasty or chin surgery, aims to achieve a greater proportion of the face, changing the position and size of the chin, to harmonise it with other facial features.

Depending on the purpose sought, a different surgical technique is used:

  • In the event of a more pronounced chin

    A prosthesis made of silicone or tissue from the patient itself will be implanted in the area in such a way that it does not leave scars.

  • Chin reduction

    Mainly to soften the features, we proceed to file or shorten the chin bone.

  • Shape and form are modified and asymmetries corrected

    A combination of both techniques can be performed or even the angle of the jaw can be modified.

As sometimes more than one intervention is necessary at the same time, our specialists in Mentoplasty at Hospital Ochoa Marbella will be the ones who assess what is recommended.

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