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We are specialists in lip augmentation in Marbella. The lips are a reflection of sensuality and naturalness, and it is through our smile that we express our attractiveness.

Getting the volume we want and showing beautiful, youthful lips may be possible by using hyaluronic acid filling.

What is hyaluronic acid filling?

Hyaluronic acid is a component that is naturally present in the skin and a large amount of living tissue. It provides elasticity and hydration to the skin, giving your face a more youthful appearance.

Lip filling with hyaluronic acid is a non-invasive aesthetic method that provides volume for your lips, resulting in a more defined profile that also corrects contour wrinkles, so affected by age and the passage of time.

Because this is a natural component in the body, the hyaluronic acid we inject will gradually be reabsorbed by the body. It will gradually degrade, depending on your metabolism. This is a favourable point, because, due to the flexibility of the material, you won’t look odd when you use your natural facial expressions.

Lips are one of the most striking areas of the face due not only to the role they play in expression, but to their shape and size. Through the hyaluronic acid filling, you will regain those natural and visibly young looking lips.

Application Method


Length per Session

20 mins approx.

Length of Effects

12 Months approx.

Price of Treatment

From € 325

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    Lip filling in Aesthetics Ochoa Marbella

    Medical aesthetic professionals

    At our Aesthetic Clinic Ochoa in Marbella we do lip filling to help you recover a beautiful smile. We understand that ageing results in wrinkles that blur expression. Therefore, we bring you lip filling with hyaluronic acid in Marbella, to recover a more defined lip contour and allow your lips to express everything you want.

    Before coming to the consultation, we advise you to think about the results you would like to achieve; in any case, our doctors will advise you based on their experience about the volume and profile that would most suit your face. All this to make you feel beautiful and natural. Request an appointment in Marbella on telephone number 951 204 701.

    After the free evaluation and advice of Aesthetics Ochoa, we will inform you about the price for the lip filling. From €325, hyaluronic acid will remain in your body as your metabolism works, but we assure you the effects last for approximately 12 months.

    Treatment takes around 20 minutes, during which local anesthetic will be used.

    It revitalises and hydrates …

    your lips

    What you get with lip filling?

    Lip filling provides three main aesthetic benefits that we are sure will not leave you indifferent.

    Increased volume

    Getting older can cause lips to lose elasticity, also resulting in a loss of volume. Recovering plumper lips will give you a younger, more spontaneous and attractive look.

    Redefine the outline

    Defining the profile of your lips will also result in a visual sensation of volume, producing a voluptuous image.

    Corrects wrinkles

    Expression wrinkles around the lips can diminish the smile. The hyaluronic acid filling will erase them, revealing a smoother skin.


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    Why choose Aesthetics Ochoa for your lip filling in Marbella?

    In our clinic you will have access to a team of medical professionals backed by extensive experience, all in modern and spacious facilities located on the Paseo Marítimo in Marbella.

    We offer you the option to finance your treatments, interest free, in addition to a free first visit and a personalised and honest treatment in order to get you exactly what you want.

    You can request an appointment through phone number 951 204 701 and visit our Promotions section, where you will find special offers for our patients every month.

    Lip filling with hyaluronic acid is one of the most common and simple cosmetic treatments to perform.

    In addition to performing lip filling in Marbella, we offer you other aesthetic treatments in which hyaluronic acid has a fantastic and natural effect: cheekbones, dark circles, facial contours, are some of those areas. We also have other services such as nutritional advice, preventive therapies and other high-end aesthetic medicine treatments.

    Clínica Estética Ochoa is selected by our clients due to our values of quality and professionalism, with which we will serve you in a close, personalised way. Choose the expert look of Aesthetics Ochoa for your Marbella lip filling and recover the smile that made you feel so attractive and natural. Fall in love with your smile again. Call 951 204 701 and talk to our aesthetic medicine experts or contact us without obligation via the contact form on this page.

    Defeat the passage of time ….

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