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Otoplasty in Marbella, also known as ear surgery, is a procedure that seeks to resolve the size, shape or placement of the ears, whether they are very noticeable or not, so that the structural line of the face is more harmonious and the shape of the ears is better integrated into the facial oval.

Method of Application


Hospital stay

No stay required

Recovery Time

1 Week approx.

Duration of Intervention

1 hour


Local Anaesthesia and Sedation

otoplastia marbella

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    Otoplasty Application

    Otoplasty is a surgery that seeks to resolve the size, shape or placement of the ears, whether they are very noticeable or not.

    Hospitalization Days

    No stay required.

    Recovery Days

    From two to four weeks approximately.

    Duration of Intervention

    From 1 hour to four hours approximately.

    Type of Anesthaesia

    Local anaesthesia and Sedation.

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    Remodel and correct your ears with Otoplasty in Marbella
    Permanent Results

    Otoplasty in Marbella at Hospital Ochoa, is one of the most frequent interventions in the correction of separate or prominent ears.

    Often, women and men, hide their ears under their hair, because they feel self-concious of their shape or size. And this is precisely the reason why they see our otoplasty specialists in Marbella at Hospital Ochoa.

    It is a very simple cosmetic correction procedure in which the surgeon remodels the cartilage of the ear through a small incision.

    How is the Otoplasty performed in Marbella?

    Otoplasties in Marbella are carried out from behind, leaving a vertical scar hidden in the posterior fold of the ear. In the intervention, several techniques can be used to achieve optimal results, which will be determined by our specialists at Hospital Ochoa in Marbella.

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