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Of all the types of wrinkles, the barcode is one of the most unsightly that can occur. Found on the top of the lip, these expression marks are affected by different environmental factors, genetics and personal habits.

However, if they are already present, what can you do to remove the barcode?

Remove wrinkles from the upper lip

Colloquially known as a barcode, this term is used to label the vertical wrinkles that appear at top of the mouth, on the upper lip.

Their origin can be found in different factors: always bearing in mind genetics, these types of wrinkles usually appear from the age of 40, it is uncommon to find them in younger people.

They mostly affect women, although they can also occur in men because the skin around the lip is formed by a very thin layer, prone to deterioration. This area is constantly moving.

Two of the most harmful environmental factors for this area are the sun and tobacco. Sun exposure can affect any part of our skin; however, because the lip area is especially thin, as is also the case with the eye area, it needs paying special attention to.

Also, if you are a smoker, you should keep in mind that when smoking we purse our lips and that these wrinkles will be fostered by this habit.

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    Marbella Barcode Treatment: What is the best way to remove it?

    In aesthetic medicine we also recommend prevention. Therefore, to try to prevent getting the barcode it would not only be ideal to use a protective sun cream, but to also keep the skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using a moisturiser.

    A healthy diet, rich in antioxidants, stress prevention and avoiding smoking are all excellent habits to take care of your skin.

    In addition, facials to rejuvenate the face will keep your skin smooth and active, as well as clean, generating luminosity and optimal condition for the health of your skin.

    If, however, you are one of the people who start to see those expression marks on your upper lip, you’ll be able to opt for two types of treatment: tensioning threads and hyaluronic acid.

    Hyaluronic acid filling is ideal for slightly more noticeable wrinkles that can be seen whilst the face is at rest, without any gesturing or expressions. Hyaluronic acid filling has great short and long term results and requires no surgery.

    However, each patient is different and that is why we will advise you with no obligation to offer you the treatment that best meets your objectives.

    Recover your beauty….

    forget about the barcode

    Hyaluronic acid as an effective treatment

    Hyaluronic acid is a component naturally present in the human body. Its objective is to maintain the elasticity of the organs in which it is present, attracting and retaining the water in them.

    However, with the aging process and the passage of time, the presence of hyaluronic acid is diminished with the inevitable consequence that the skin loses its flexibility and softness.

    The good news is that smooth and radiant skin can be recovered through the application of hyaluronic acid. A desirable method due to its easy application and the duration of its effects.

    No prior preparation is necessary to perform this treatment, as it is non surgical and only topical anesthesia is required to minimise any discomfort.
    The approximate duration of its effects is 8 months and the treatment itself takes about 20 minutes.

    The skin around the lips is subjected to a lot of movement: eating, laughing, drinking, talking; Thanks to hyaluronic acid treatment, you will be able to recover a young and beautiful smile, free of wrinkles or expression marks.


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    Hyaluronic acid treatment in Marbella

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