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Radiesse: Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Increasingly, we are providing more non-surgical lifting treatments in Marbella with Radiesse, among other reasons, for its painless, quick, and effective nature, as well as being entirely safe with minimal side effects upon application.

After conducting a personalised aesthetic medical diagnosis, our expert Doctor begins the aesthetic filling treatment in the areas showing loss of firmness and volume. The filler is strategically injected at key points of the face to regain facial contour and achieve an immediate tightening effect, equivalent to a lifting but without surgery. The precision and clinical eye of our doctor guarantee a natural rejuvenation, restoring volumes and achieving a more youthful and harmonious face.

The face is an area particularly affected by the passage of time and the effects of the sun; thanks to non-surgical lifting, you can regain facial definition and tone in a non-surgical process that does not require anaesthesia.

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    Application Method

    Injectable Radiesse. No Anaesthesia.

    Session Duration

    1 Session of 30 – 40 minutes.

    Duration of Effects

    Between 12 and 18 months approx.

    Treatment Price

    Upon consultation.


    Natural and Long-Lasting Results


    Radiesse provides natural and long-lasting results for around 18 months, with minimal downtime after the treatment – as it hardly has any side effects or post-operative effects -. It is an excellent option for restoring volume and facial contour without resorting to surgery.

    In this type of non-surgical lifting, no type of anaesthesia is required, as it is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure with which it is possible to regain a healthier and more youthful appearance of the face. Characteristics that are lost over time and due to various environmental factors that affect the skin.

    As it is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment that does not require anaesthesia, there is also no post-operative care. The treatment lasts around half an hour and the effects are immediately visible.


    Your Non-surgical Lifting in Marbella

    Radiesse is based on calcium hydroxyapatite, a component naturally found in our body and that functions with two main objectives: to fill, and reactivate the formation of new collagen, attenuating wrinkles and folds by providing volume in a swift and effective manner.

    Regain the youth of your face with our Non-surgical Lifting with Radiesse.

    This revolutionary facial filler treatment restores volume where it has been lost, restoring contours for an instant lifting effect. With precise detail, the expert hands of our team redefine features and soften deep folds and wrinkles. The years will fade before your eyes in a single session, restoring firmness to your skin and harmonising features for a naturally younger look. Radiesse is the painless and cutting-edge alternative to surgical lifting. Regain your appeal quickly, safely and without scalpels!

    Sculpt your Face, Regain Volume and Youth.

    Discover our star treatment of Non-Surgical Facial Lifting by Radiesse



    rejuvenecimiento facial marbella

    Regain natural collagen with Radiesse

    Collagen is a protein found in all animals and its presence is most common in bones and skin. As time goes by, the body produces less collagen, leading to skin traumas such as dryness and wrinkles. That’s why not only collagen supplements can be ideal for protecting the skin and maintaining its attractiveness, but laser lifting can also be a good option to reactivate this type of molecules.

    Proven Anti-aging Efficacy

    The price of the non-surgical lifting is lower than other methods in which the patient goes through surgery and is recommended for both women and men.

    Moreover, due to technological advances in aesthetic medicine, both older people and younger people can access these types of procedures.

    After the treatment, the patient can return to their normal life because it is precisely a procedure that does not involve going through surgery or requiring hospitalisation.

    Thanks to non-surgical facial rejuvenation, the person not only has a more natural and younger skin without the need for any scar, but their self-esteem is also enhanced.

    Our clinic is the reference point for facial rejuvenation for patients from all over the Costa del Sol. People looking to look better without going through surgery come to us from places like Marbella Centre, Puerto Banús, Nueva Andalucía, San Pedro Alcántara, Estepona, Cancelada, Sabinillas, Fuengirola or Mijas, among other locations..

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