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Backs off Skin Aging

PRP Marbella

Recover Collagen Loss

At Estética Ochoa we perform bio stimulation with Platelet Rich Plasma in Marbella as an autologous procedure, that is to say, with blood taken from the same patient.

It is used to reverse the aging of the skin on the face, neckline and hands, and is recommended when you start to notice that the skin is losing collagen and its ability to regenerate cells decreases.

PRP treatment is used preventively in young skin or in order to correct signs of aging in mature skin. With this collagen regeneration treatment, it is possible to treat the passage of time by means of a substance that is found naturally in the body and that helps cell regeneration.

Method of Application

Blood Extraction and Injections

Session Duration

45 min approx.

Duration Effects

6 Months approx.

Treatment Price

from €300

plasma rico en plaquetas

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    When to Perform the Treatment?

    Platelet Rich Plasma

    As a preventive treatment, it can be applied in the case of younger skin, or as a restorative, on those more mature skins. It will still be up to the medical specialist to decide when the time is right for its application.

    How Many Times Can It Be Performed?

    The application protocol and the frequency depend on each patient and the degree of skin aging they present. It is usually advised to perform it 2 or 3 times a year, to enhance tissue regeneration. You can then repeat the same routine yearly, in order to keep that regeneration active.

    Tolerance and Risks
    Non-Invasive Treatment

    Being an autologous treatment (using the patient’s own blood), it does not carry risks of allergies or incompatibility reactions, which makes it a safe procedure. It is a technique that is performed by medical professionals under extreme quality control conditions, according to the procedural rules for the handling of biological material. Like mesotherapy, it is rare for it to have side effects except for a small bruise that usually disappears within a week.

    Benefits of PRP for the Skin

    Reduces the Signs of Aging

    Being a substance found naturally in the body, great results are usually obtained through non-invasive treatment. We can highlight, among others, the following benefits:

    • Stimulates natural collagen production
    • Activating cell regeneration
    • Increased luminosity
    • Helps restore skin elasticity
    • Improves skin colour
    • Reduces expression wrinkles

    Regain vitality in …

    your skin

    What is PRP Treatment?
    What is PRP Treatment?

    Thanks to the treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma, cell regeneration is achieved, and the natural production of collagen is stimulated. With this, the skin increases in volume, improves in texture, reduces sagging and small wrinkles.

    It is a treatment that we carry out a lot in our clinic in Marbella, especially on the face, neck and hands. Although increasingly it is a treatment that is being applied to various areas of the body.

    Before undergoing treatment, the patient must have a blood test for possible pathologies. Once the results have been obtained, the treatment may be carried out, the blood is extracted to centrifuge it and then the platelet-rich plasma is applied through small punctures.

    Who Is Platelet Rich Plasma Recommended for?

    It is usually a treatment that is used to combat the passage of time and the appearance of signs of aging. It is recommended to be performed when collagen loss is detected and cell regeneration capacity decreases.

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