Cellular Regeneration with Exosomes Marbella

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Cellular Regeneration Treatment with Exosomes Marbella

Improve and Rejuvenate the Face

At Estetica Ochoa, we offer Cellular Regeneration Treatment with Exosomes. This treatment is an innovative technique that utilises small extracellular vesicles released by cells to regenerate and repair damaged tissues. These exosomes contain a large number of proteins, RNA, and other molecules that can be used by recipient cells to stimulate tissue regeneration and repair.

Exosomes are used for regenerative medicine and are highly effective in cellular revitalisation, inducing local stem cells to activate. This promotes cellular regeneration and the elimination of senescent (aged) or damaged cells due to external factors.

Application Method


Session Duration

Approximately 30-45 minutes

Cellular Regeneration Price

from €450

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    No risk of adverse response

    Cellular Regeneration

    Unlike other treatments, the use of exosomes is safe and carries no risk of causing an adverse immune response.

    Effective technique for repairing and regenerating tissue

    Exosome Effectiveness

    Exosomes contain proteins, RNA, and other molecules that can be used by recipient cells to stimulate tissue regeneration and repair. This makes exosome treatment an effective option for repairing and regenerating damaged tissues.

    Great Accessibility

    More accessible option

    Exosomes can be produced in large quantities and easily stored, making cellular regeneration treatment with exosomes a more accessible option than other cellular regeneration treatments.

    No surgery
    Non-invasive technique

    This treatment does not require surgery, making it a more attractive option for patients who prefer to avoid invasive procedures.

    Long-term effect on repair and regeneration
    Repair and Regeneration

    Exosomes can remain active in the body for long periods, providing a greater effect on tissue repair and regeneration.

    Provides the Skin with …


    Where to Apply Exosome Treatment?
    Smooth and Hydrated Skin

    Over time, the skin suffers some damage mainly due to the passage of time, sun exposure, or poor care, resulting in wrinkles or skin spots. That is why the face and neck are some of the areas where this treatment is most commonly applied, as they are the most visible and exposed areas of our body.

    With exosomes, you will improve hydration, texture, and overall skin quality, as well as promote the stimulation of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, among many other things.

    As exosomes are an extensive source of growth and regeneration, they are also widely used on the scalp, as this technique rejuvenates and is very effective in reversing hair loss.

    When do results appear?

    Cellular Regeneration Treatment with Exosomes provides long-lasting effects on the skin, but it will be a progressive effect that may last several weeks.

    Additionally, it is a treatment that does not involve any intervention and therefore does not require a recovery period.

    With our innovative biomedicine treatment, you will repair, hydrate and improve the skin’s structure in a completely natural and painless way.

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